Culture of Sharing Jesus Part Two

Creating a Culture of Sharing Jesus – Part Two

If you missed part one, check it out here.

Four simple factors that set a person or a church apart as one engaged in gospel driven evangelism are accountability, hospitality, missional living and praying for the lost. These four simple tasks are a given. It’s nothing we do not know already as believers.

Our problem is we forget the basics too quickly. People are drawn to passion. When people are passionate about soul winning its contagious. Applying these four simple tasks to our lives as an individual and as a church body will make a difference.


Accountability helps set parameters for life. Having strategic people to challenge us, talk with us about engagement in gospel conversations, or just someone to talk life with will set the tone for a believer. I do this personally in my life. I have individuals that weekly ask me who I have shared my faith with.

I know Monday is coming and on that day an individual will hold me accountable. Several years ago at a church I worked at, my pastor would bring up this conversation and ask us who we have shared our faith with. This changed the culture of our church. This set the bar for the staff that bled over to the congregation. We were passionate about sharing Jesus and our people in the church saw it and caught our passion!


Hospitality helps break down barriers. I believe this is the lost tool in many churches and individuals’ lives. I believe our world is so fast paced and our lives are so busy we have forgotten to slow down and enjoy a face to face conversation and enjoy a meal together with someone in their home.

It means the world to a person if you invite them into the place that you live. I have personally seen how it helps disarm a person and it leads to deep conversations with the individual when the walls of their heart are broken down. In this process, there must be intentionality to gospel communication. See, just inviting people over doesn’t save them but intentionally sharing the love of Jesus and inviting people to Jesus can lead to a person giving their lives to Him as Lord and Savior.

Very simply, I believe the best way to gain access to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Sharing a meal together can lead to a changed life.

Missional Living

Missional living is essential for a follower of Jesus. This is serving others. Missions do not have to be in a different state or a foreign country, missions can happen in your living room or in your backyard. Missional living is intentional servant leadership. It is denying self to serve others and share Jesus.

The younger generation of today are eager to put their hands and feet to work if they believe in a cause. This same passion should live in our lives as Christ followers. Our mission is to share Jesus as we live out our lives, looking for opportunities to serve our community and the individuals within it to gain access to share the story of Jesus. This doesn’t happen overnight but takes time to serve others and little by little spreading the seeds of the gospel.

Praying for the Lost

Praying for the lost is the most important part of the process for evangelistic engagement. This shows the humility of a believer knowing they are not the ones who do the saving. Jesus alone brings salvation.

Knowing this truth should help us to see that it’s the Lord that does the saving, this should give us a sigh of relief. We are simply asked to go and share the good news. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have. It should engage us in conversation with the Lord to beg God to work in the hearts of the lost. When we become aware of who is lost and start praying for them, it should trigger us to engage in life activities with them.

Prayer should also set our motion towards evangelism engagement. Looking throughout history, many movements of God started with a few people praying for the Lord to start revival within their community. National News reported about four farmers from North Carolina who prayed that God would raise up a young man from their community to make an eternal impact. Years later, Billy Graham became one of the most sought-after evangelists who preached all over the world.

What are you doing to engage the Lost?

Creating an evangelistic culture takes intentionality. Focusing on praying for the lost, missional living, hospitality, and accountability are just four ways that can make it happen. What are you doing now to engage the lost? Can you follow these simple tasks to help equip you with living a Great Commission lifestyle? If so, now go and win others to Jesus!