GCYM Podcasts

PodcastLongevity in Youth MinistryChris Trent is the Next Gen Catalyst for Georgia Baptist Missions Board and is a seasoned youth pastor who has served in both Georgia and Texas. In
PodcastMiddle School MinistryDan Istvanik, a ministry veteran with over 24 years of experience and content writer for several ministry websites, discusses Social Teaching with Dr. McKnight, director of GCYM. Together,
PodcastSocial Media Teaching and DiscipleshipDr. Sam Totman, professor of media ministry at Anderson University and Clamp Divinity School discusses Social Media Teaching and Discipleship with Dr. Tim McKnight.
Ministering to Gen Z Girls
PodcastMinistering to Gen Z GirlsAmy-Jo Girardier, the Girls Minister at Brentwood Baptist, discusses engaging and ministering to Generation Z girls with Dr. Tim McKnight, Director of GCYM.
PodcastDisciple Now (DNow) Resources from LifeWayDr. Tim McKnight has a conversation with John Paul Basham about Disciple Now, or DNow, resources from LifeWay Students.
Youth Ministry By the Book by Scott Pace
PodcastYouth Ministry by the BookDr. Tim McKnight has a conversation with Scott Pace on his recent book Youth Ministry by the Book at Conclave Youth Ministry Conference.
PodcastDealing with Difficult PeopleDr. Tim McKnight and Sam Totman with the Global Center for Youth Ministry discuss how to deal with difficult people in your ministry.
Family Ministry
PodcastFamily MinistryDr. Tim McKnight and Dr. Sam Totman discuss family ministry and all of the differing aspects that go into it.
PodcastTime ManagementDr. Tim McKnight and Dr. Sam Totman talk about time management in youth ministry as well as best practices.
Generation Z and Social Media
PodcastGen Z and Social MediaDr. Sam Totman and Dr. Tim McKnight of Anderson University and Clamp Divinity school discuss generation z and social media use.
Youth Camp?
PodcastYouth CampWhy should you take your students to youth camp? How can camp be helpful in your student ministry? What should you look for in a camp?